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Friday, September 18, 2015

Featured Fan Art - Katie Cook!

On September 11th-13th, 2015 myself and my future brother-in-law Gary went down to Alamo City Comic Con in San Antonio, TX. Avid readers of this blog already know the story if you read the EPIC last post. But there aren't any comments on it, so I've got know idea who read what (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).

Anywho. Whilst there I noticed artist extraordinaire Katie Cook was coming to town. As you may or may not be aware, Katie does (among other typically Star Wars or My Little Pony based comic things) the amazeballs webcomic known the world over as GRONK! Well I hadn't seen Katie since the Comic Geek Speak Supershow in 2011 so I decided I at LEAST had to get a mini-painting and an updated picture with her (she's one of my few CGS community touchstones at Cons).

Being the big Ragman fan I am (just look around, duh) I asked for the main man himself! (No not Lobo). So here we go, mini-Ragman by Katie Cook!

So the story behind the quote? Well, as true Ragman fans know, the suit allows Rory to access the abilities and memories of the souls trapped within his suit. IE: If someone is trapped under a car and it takes about 12 people to lift a car off the ground, Rory can call on the strength of 12 souls trapped in the suit and add it to his own strength in order to lift the car. 

Well I'm explaining all of this to Gary as he'd never heard of Ragman (FOR SHAME!) right there in front of Katie. Katie, (I'm assuming) hears all of this (though I believe I used a sniper example at the time) and, being Katie, added the little blurb up top. Thus was born mini-Ragman with a twist!

This brings my Katie Cook mini-painting collection up to a sad-but-better-than-nothing count of THREE including my Deadman and Firestorm.

Next up, I'm thinking Phantom Stranger...and given how often I see Katie I guess I'll get that from you in 2019!

Oh, and updated picture for posterity (click to enlarge)! Now, while cutesy art is on your mind, GO READ GRONK and swing over to Barnes & Noble and pick up her ever popular 'F YOU BOX' book!

(CGS Supershow 2011)

(Alamo City Comic Con 2015)


  1. i picked up the suit of souls one shot a couple months ago from a back issue discount box at the time my knowledge of Ragman was fairly scant. absolutely loved the issue and just this past weekend i found a copy of Day of Vengeance #1 which featured some great Ragman action and i can now say that i'm a fan of the character. hoping to get some Ragman fan art done soon.
    just by coincidence i happened to find this blog. I'll check it out when i have some more time this week. i sure hope you're not one of those bloggers who never or very seldom reply to posting comments i hate that.

    1. I definitely reply to comments, but only when the comment requires I do so. I run four blogs, two podcasts (the social media accounts for all of them) and of course the stuff I do in my personal life. So I don't reply to EVERY comment. But I try. I hope you enjoy the blog regardless! And as always, it's always good to add another fan of Ragman to our ranks!

    2. well i can see you're quite a busy man so i appreciate your response. i have been enjoying this blog it's given me an opportunity to read earlier Ragman stories with out having to hunt them down in back issue boxes. here's something you might enjoy i just finished my first ever Ragman fan art piece but it's also something of a tribute to Jewish DC heroes http://csuhsux.deviantart.com/art/Ragman-and-The-Hayoth-team-up-fan-art-563756165