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I started reading comics regularly after 'Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns'. Since then, I've become a co-host on 'The LanternCast' (a podcast dedicated to Green Lantern that's been on the air since 2008), started a new podcast covering the late 1980's DC series Action Comics Weekly (appropriately titled The Action Comics Weekly Podcast), and have been the curator of THE blog on the internet dedicated to the character of Ragman, created by Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert published by DC Comics starting in 1976 and currently appearing on The CW show 'Arrow' as portrayed by actor Joe Dinicol. I'm an avid fan of comics, classic rock, and speaking my mind. Welcome!

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Image Mock Up - Ragman TV Show Logo!

Hello friends of the Suit of Souls! Tatters? Is that what I last called you? Oh well, Tatters it is! I figured a low key post is the best way to come back to this. Attempting to catch, or re-catch, your interest in this blog by starting a NEW review post with some explanation of why I've been absent isn't the best way to maintain your interest in the review itself.

So here we are.

Recently I've occupied my limited free time by playing around with various image effect combinations using things like the photogrid app, pixlr.com, picfont.com and the plethora of PNG comics images found online. I've created images for my own enjoyment, for friends podcasts and even for the LanternCast as well. (see below images and feel free to follow me on Instagram!)

So if I've got free time to create images, why am I not blogging more? It's a fair question. Well, writing, even blogging or reviewing comics is an outlet for me. It requires a clear mind and once I set fingers to keyboard, I try to make it as coherent and "me" as possible. If it's not "me" I'm not satisfied and I re-do it. And re-re-do it, and re-re-re-do it until it's right. That takes time. Time I usually don't have because MOST of my free time these days when it comes to comic stuff is devoted to the LanternCast. Not just recording episodes, but reading comics for it, researching, editing, coding, creating album art, posting and even social media posts letting people know when new content is available. As well as interacting with our listeners via email, Facebook and Twitter.

That said, podcasting doesn't fulfill most of what I hope to accomplish in comic coverage. That COMBINED with blogging completes the circuit. But time is limited.

That being said, I'm coming back to blogging. It may be infrequent, but I'm coming back. I've GOT to make time for it because, and this may not make sense to YOU, but I need to in order to stay sane.

So expect new content here on the blog! Like this image I just created!

With The Flash, Arrow, Constantine, Gotham and iZombie out there, there are a few comic related DC tags at the end of each show if you watch until the end of the credits. (SEE BELOW)

So I decided to take it upon myself and create one for a RAGMAN TV show! (yeah right, but hey, I can dream)

So here's what I came up with! Feel free to use it as a social media cover photo...I am!

Keep an eye on the blog in coming weeks! We're back!