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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Crisis On Infinite Earths #5 - Worlds in Limbo!

Twenty eight years ago, there was an event that destroyed universes. Entire universes, every galaxy, every solar system, every planet and every being was destroyed by a white wall of anti-matter. When one universe was destroyed, anothers destruction began...all at the hands of the being known as the Anti-Monitor.

At least, in DC comics that is. Twenty eight years ago DC comics set about attempting to rectify a "convoluted" line of continuity for its characters. As fun of a concept as alternate universes was, and as thrilling as unbridled creative story telling was, DC got it in their head that their universe was just too confusing. So they set about trying to change all of that.

They concocted a story called "Crisis on Infinite Earths". Crisis (as it would come to be known)  was a 12 issue series that ran alongside the series called "Who's Who in the DC Universe" (which, ironically, set about to attempt to supply a history for their characters set in stone). But, focusing on Crisis, the story was meant to "fix" the errors in DC continuity...merging the alternate universes and characters into ONE universe.

The breakdown for those unfamiliar is as follows: Long ago on a planet called Maltus (or Oa, can't specifically remember, doesn't matter) a race of beings that would come to be known as the Guardians existed. One of these beings, Krona, became obsessed with discovering the beginning of all things. This knowledge was long considered to be forbidden among his race, but Krona pushed on anyways. He built a device that allowed him to see into the past and he pushed his device until he saw the very beginning...

That bolt rippled throughout the cosmos and created the Multiverse, a nearly endless expanse of alternate universes...and one universe of pure anti-matter...appropriately deemed the anti-matter universe. On the moon of Oa, a creature was born known as the Monitor. The Monitor drew his power from the existence of the amount of positive matter universes in existence. Similarly, on the anti-matter universe side, Oa's sister planet Qwards moon birthed a similar creature...the Anti-Monitor. Whose power was drawn from the existence of Anti-Matter. They fought until their fighting brought about an extended slumber.

Eons passed and something happened to awaken them. (I know what it was but seriously this is a complicated story) The Anti-Monitor set about destroying universes with anti-matter to increase his own power, while at the same time sapping his brothers. But, before the Monitor could die, he banded about a group of heroes to protect what was left of the multiverse. After multiple attempts, the Anti-Monitor was defeated...but not before all of the remaining reality and timelines from a handful of alternate earths were merged into one. (that is a VERY watered down explanation of the events in this historic series, but you get the gist)

One of the cool things Crisis did was feature, at least once, every single character the DC universe had in its arsenal at the time...Ragman was no exception.

Remember how I said that it took a few attempts to defeat the Anti-Monitor? Well, in one of the gatherings to plot the defeat of the Anti-Montior and his plans...there Ragman stood...

(click to enlarge)

Can't find him? Aww come on! Nobody wants to play "Where's Ragman"?

Eh fine...

Now, he didn't have anything to do with the Crisis story...BUT he was there. Oh well. Props for appearing in a massive part of DC Comics history I suppose...

AND he DID appear on the Alex Ross cover specifically made for the collected edition of Crisis...

(click to enlarge)

Ok, ok, he's hard to spot here. I'll help ya out...

So that's the Ragman appearance in Crisis (appearances I guess). Ragman had more appearances around the time of the Crisis, but that's for another time and blog entry. But here's just a little sneak peak/hint as to what is to come...

(click to enlarge)
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(PS: For those of you who love the Crisis, I encourage you to read this extensive document by a friend of mine and fellow podcaster Adam Murdough. Adam possesses an expansive knowledge of the comics genre and the DC Universe and, in fact, wrote his college thesis on Crisis. The man is an encyclopedia DC Universia. You can read it by clicking HERE.)


  1. Interesting that in both the CRISIS page and the poster, Ragman seems to be hanging out with/near Earth 2 characters. Did they ever state what Earth the Pre-Crisis Ragman was from? Perhaps in the DC COMICS PRESENTS issue?

    Keep up the great work here!!!

    The Irredeemable Shag

    1. Actually Shag, there's a reason for that (or at least a continuation of that theme) coming up in a future review. I'll be sure you let you know when that review goes up. There's a reason I cropped those pictures so openly to show the characters AROUND Rags and not JUST Rags...


    2. I look forward to hearing more about it!