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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Original 1970's Ragman Art for Sale! [UPDATED!]

Today I received an email from a fan of the Suit of Souls blog. He's going through a tough time (I don't want to divulge his personal information) and he's selling some of his personal art. One of the pages is the original art from page 8 of Ragman #4! That's right! Original art from the 1970's Ragman series by the Redondo studio is up for sale! This never happens! So head on over to ebay, make a bid and help out a fellow Ragman fan! (click here)

If that link doesn't work, search for Ragman art on ebay. Remember, issue four page 8!

[UPDATE] The bidding has ended and, from a starting bid of $70, the page eventually went for $301.50! Congrats man! And hey, congrats to us Ragman fans! Original 70's Redondo studio artwork NOT picturing Ragman STILL commands that kinda price point?! That's AWESOME!

Oh, and congrats to the winner of the listing! You've GOT to be a true Ragman fan!

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